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Railroad Spike Washer Hook

Railroad Spike Washer Hook

Handmade from a malleable washer and an abandoned and reclaimed railroad spike from the Northern California railroads. Each spike is unique and shows remarkable characteristics from their previous hard knock life on the rails, making each hook beautiful in its own individual way. The markings on the spike head will vary, some have an “MC” stamped in them referring to “medium carbon” content. Some have an “HC” referring to “high carbon” content, and so on. Sold as an individual hook. One mounting screw included per hook. Custom hook lengths available upon request. Standard hook length is 2 & 3/4”. 


Finishes : the finishes as shown in the photos are, from left to right, polished and raw, clearcoated, and flat black.

  • Over 1000 sold!

    I first made this hook design while in the shasta college welding program in 2014. I was walking the train tracks and found these old discarded washers on the ground and loved the idea of using it to make something with. I made several for myself and didnt begin to sell them until I started Menard Metal Craft in 2019. Since then the response I have had on these through the Menard Metal Craft Etsy store has been phenomenal and beyond flattering. I am honored to see the many projects that customers have created and chose to use these hooks for their finishing touches.  While the washers are sourced new, the railroad spikes are and will always be hand selected from the discarded remains of railroad pasts, 100% authentic and ethically reclaimed. Thank you everyone for your continued support! 

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