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Railroad Spike Screw Hook, Set of 3

Railroad Spike Screw Hook, Set of 3

This is a set of three handcrafted hooks made from abandoned and reclaimed North American railroad spikes. Each spike has seen decades of life on the railroad and has since been discarded and replaced on the rails with new spikes. These abandoned spikes were salvaged to bring a rustic charm to your home or office. The unique character of each hooks previous life gives them emense charm and individuality, leaving no two hooks identical, each with unique imperfections marring the surface. The hooks measure 3” in depth, and are available in several screw lengths to best suit the needs of your project. Available with a lag screw end as the standard option, or with a 1/4” threaded  screw end, nut and washer included. The wood shown is for visual display purposes only. 

    PriceFrom $16.99
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