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Railroad Spike Garden Trowel

Railroad Spike Garden Trowel

Each trowel is hand forged, entirely by hand, from an abandoned and reclaimed railroad spike. I work closely with an exclusive source, giving me ethical access to reclaim these spikes and use them for purposes such as these. No power hammers are used in the forging princess’s here, just gold old fashioned hammers. These are actually forged an an anvil made from railroad track, and formed in a swage block which happens to be a recycled railroad knuckle/coupler as well. These are forged from spikes starting around 6” in length and the final product is a sturdy garden trowel at about 8” of length. These are heat treated and quenched in oil, and have proven to be incredibly strong when attacking stubborn roots or prying rocks out of the garden. Whatever the struggle, it’s most certain this railroad spike has previously overcome monumental hurdles in its previous life to get it to this point it is at now, ready to be a unique, one of a kind, heirloom piece in your family’s collection. Makes an excellent metal detector’s hand shovel as well.

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