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Hand Hammered Keychain

Hand Hammered Keychain

This is a hand made, hand hammered key chain. Cold forged from 1/4” thick steel, each key chain has its own unique individualistic pattern. The keychain is sized at 1” wide by 1 3/4” long, making it a perfect sensory tool to rub one’s thumb on. Sensory charms like this are said to have calming effects on the user, and can help direct mental focus while diverting physical distractions into the act of fidgeting with the keychain/pendant/charm. Left in a raw and polished state, hand oils will naturally polish and shine this piece throughout its lifespan. Made in Northern California. Custom personalization available via request ( examples shown in "ASH" keychain and "King of Doughtroit" keychain photos. Personalization options include the adding of stamped letters ( $1 per stamp)to the front or back, as well as custom length options. Weight : 2 ounces.

    PriceFrom $17.50
    Excluding Sales Tax
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