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Double Towel Bar

Double Towel Bar

This is a hand crafted towel bar. Starting with abandoned and reclaimed rusty railroad spikes, polished, cut, welded, polished again and sealed with a matte finish clear coat enamel. The middle bar is made from 5/8” diameter round bar (same diameter as the railroad spike body), polished to rustic sheen. Every towel bar is made to order, and can be custom order to any length or depth. Standard depth is an overall depth of 3 inches, with the towel bar 1 & 7/8 inches off the wall. Towel bar length is measured based on actual bar length. The towel bars overall width including the mounting base will add an additional 2” of length ( for example a 16” towel bar will take up 18” on a wall and provide 16” of hanging space). Free shipping on all orders.

    PriceFrom $84.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
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