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Caged Marble Twist - Red

Caged Marble Twist - Red

This is a hand forged item, made from an abandoned and reclaimed railroad spike, infused with a hand blown glass marble (sourced locally from a homeblown glass blower) through the use of a forged basket style twist.  All materials were sourced in Northern California. This item comes with a bottle opener notch under the head of the spike as well, making it a functional piece of art and a great conversation piece at any gathering. 


The marble is free to "rattle" in the spike, but is secure and will not escape. The marble has a variety of interesting designs/color movements on it as well, ranging from some clear portions allowing one to see through, some deep crimson red swirls, as well as some white speckles lending to the imagination to ponder the solar systems perhaps. Thanks for taking the time to check it out, I appreciate it.

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