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'69 Case Tractor

'69 Case Tractor

This is a handmade sculpture of a 1969 case tractor (roughly based). Using salvaged parts from a forklift repair facility, and old salvaged railroad hardware. The steering wheel is a railroad date nail, dated 1941 from the year the section of track it came from was laid. The parts resembling fenders where the seat is attached to is a railroad track clip, used to hold rail track down to concrete railroad ties. The seat is made from two railroad spike heads. The disc cultivator is made from Allen wrenches (USA made) and washers. The rear wheel bearings are from a Clark forklift, hence the green color on them. Both front and rear wheels spin on the tractor, and the discs on the cultivator spin as well. 


Weight : 11 pounds 1 oz ( with cultivator )

Tractor dimensions:

Length : 9 inches

Height : 4 & 1/2 inches

width : 5 & 1/4 inches.

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